Tracer™ Technology and Real World Data

Measuring movement disorder symptoms objectively with smartphone video and artificial intelligence.

power_settings_new  Tracer™ Powered Patient Registries

Symptoms are Measured and Scored in The Real World

  • Measure the symptopms and functionality most important to the patient
  • Measure body movement including tremor, gait, dystonia, seizures and dyskinesia
  • Capturing real-world data (RWD) is a strategic priority to the FDA
Tracer™ Dyskinesia

Figure 1. Tracer analysis detecting and measuring body part movement during dyskinesia test. Output includes video with boby keypoints, movement summary heat map, charts and score.

Patient-Centric Tools Provide Real-World Evidence

  • Patient or caregiver measures symptoms whenever they see fit
  • Always availalbe tools provide the ability to score extreme conditions
  • Change of treatment plan and it's effect on symptoms automatically tracked through the registry
Before and After

Figure 2. Medication/symptom tracking charts showing extreme fluctuations in motor control (red line) and the smoothing out of symptoms after a modified treatment plan.

Advantages of Beneufit's Patented Approach

  • Increase the speed of discoveries and reduce costs
  • Rating scales can be developed that address the priorities of rare disease communities
  • Study subjects can be recruited and subjects monitored in the comfort of their home
Dystonia Dystonia De-Identified

Figure 3. Two different visual representations of the same dystonia video, one with identity visible and the other de-identified.