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Optimizing quality of life for People with Parkinson's

The pdFIT™ system combines exercise with mobile software to provide coaching and biofeedback in order to improve Parkinson's disease symptoms and delay disease progression.

Our 2-year study showed that people who use pdFIT regularly had statistically-significantly improvement in their motor control (circleTap™ scores) over the entire study period.

Try pdFIT™ risk-free. Use our software, sensors and support for $29.50/month. If you're not completely satisfied we'll gladly provide a full refund. (click for details).

Works with iPhone 4S and up, iPad 3 and up, iPad Air, iPad mini.

pdFIT™: What You Get

Designed for group, therapist lead and individual sessions


Proven Exercise Protocols

Our exercise protocols are born through scientific researchand and validated by people like you. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Objective Outcome Measures

Our circleTap™ finger tapping test measures motor control in between doctor visits. Get a more complete understanding of your condition.

Medication Reminders

Better adherence equals better outcomes. We help you take your medications on time, every time. Parkinson's disease-specific medications.

Serious Security

Stringent technical safeguards ensure the security of your health information. All data is encrypted in transit (across the internet) and at rest (in our data center).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Risk-free guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with pdFIT™ or the results you receive after regular use, return the sensors for a full refund.

Phone and Email Support

Our support team is here to get you started easily and answer any questions you have. We do everything possible to maximize your long-term success.

pdFIT™ App: Workout Screen

Bio-feedback Device Combines Physical and Cognitive Benefits

pdFIT Workout Screen

The pdFIT™ app coaches people through personalized exercise protocols designed to improve Parkinson's disease symptoms and delay disease progression. The goal is to keep Actual heart rate and cycling cadence readings as close to the Target values as possible.

Upon the completion of the exercise a fitFactor™ score is generated. This score is an indication of how closely one follows the protocol.

Wearable Sensors: Mio LINK and Wahoo RPM

Comfortable and Highly Accurate Sensors Record Heart Rate and Cycling Cadence

Wearable Sensors

The sensors broadcast your heart rate and cadence data to the workout screen in real time. This enables people to follow the workout the protocol as closeley as possible, which is where the benefit occurs..

Both the Mio LINK and Wahoo RPM are included with the service and have an unconditional lifetime warranty.

pdFIT™ App: circleTap™ Screen

A Fun and Clinically Relevant Way to Measure Motor Control

circleTap™ Screen

The circleTap™ finger tapping test is an integral part of the service. Based on numerous peer-reviewd studies which validate the ability for finger tapping tests to measure bradykenesia, these test results are how we provide positive feedback to our clients.

This 60-second test measures finger tapping velocity and accuracy for both left and right hands. All test scores are accesible through the app and web-based dashboard for review by clients and their caregiving team.

pdFIT™ App: Medication Reminders Screen

Better Compliance Means Better Outcomes

Medication Reminders

Simple to set up and use, reminders appear on your iPhone or iPad when it's time to take the medication. Activate the reminder and a compliance screen displays an image and description of the medication along with way to record you compliance so your caregiving team knowy you're staying on track.

A history of medication dose and timing as it relates to circleTap™ scores enables both the users and caregivers to visualize the relationship of medications to motor control.

pdFIT™ Studies: Evidence Based Improvement

Statistically Significant Improvement In Fitness Capacity And Motor Control over a 2-Year Period

Medication Reminders

We periodically perform statistical analysis of our data to quantify bahavior for clients participating in the exercise program and finger tapping tests.

What we've discovered is the pdFIT™ service has made immediate and long-lasting improvements in outcomes for people who use it regularly.