Innovation Accelerated

A 21st Century Model for Patient-Centric Innovation

Leveraging Platforms Amplifies Outcomes

Whether you are advocating for a patient population, digitizing your organization's existing operations or launching a digital health startup, utilizing Beneufit's Purpose™ platform enables you to focus on your mission and eliminate technology burdens.

volunteer_activism  Advocacy

Your data is valuable and you should own it. Control researcher access and monetize data when opportunities arise. Ensure your patient population gets rewarded and research is focused on projects that advance your mission.

business  Industry

Partnering with Beneufit to digitize existing health-related products and services gets you to market quickly and cost-effectivley. The Purpose™ platform's plug and play modules can be customized to accomodate any use case imaginable.

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There are plenty of reasons startups fail. Don't let technology risk be one of them. With over 25 years of combined experience in digital health and a time-tested platfom, we aim to eliminate as much risk as possible and grow with you.

Innovation: Tracer™

Objective Movement Analysis

Our patented technology (US patent #11266341) measures and scores movement disorder symptoms objectively with smartphone video and machine learning techniques.

We collaborate with forward-thinking advocacy groups, researchers and industry to develop patient-centric tools and outcome measures that provide accurate and timely status of movement disorder symptoms.

Tracer™ is just one example of how we apply creativity and technical competance to address real-world problems.

The experience for our partners is cohesive as all our solutions integrate seemlessly into the Purpose™ platform.

Tracer™ measuring gait for a Parkinson's disease subject and transitioning into de-identified mode.